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MacHub: Changing Lives One Donated Item At a Time

At MacHub, we like to say that we are changing lives one donated item at a time. From the life of the donor to the end customer that purchases the item, the heart of our organization is to use sustainable avenues to create resources for our community. Through our donation pick up program over the past year, we have been able to save approximately 20,000 sq feet of items (clothing, household items, and furniture) from being sent to our landfills! While these items had served their useful purpose for their original owners, we have been able to give them new and continuing life through our production process and sales on our online marketplaces.

If you'd like to help MacHub continue to fulfill our mission, please consider donating a one time or monthly contribution with the button below, send a check to Swedemom Center of Giving/MacHub at PO Box 692, call us at (503) 883-9524, or visit our website and be a generous shopper!

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