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Volunteers Help MacHub Transition

As MacHub gives to our community, so does our volunteer base! Due to the growing demand of community donations, our supportive volunteers have been helping MacHub transition from our storage facility at the Yamhill County Fairgrounds to our new warehouse! This means MacHub will be better able to serve YOU and our community. We give a huge thank you to all those from Come Unto Christ, Online Northwest, and our regular MacHub volunteers for their generosity to help us during this time. Thank you to Habitat for Humanity and Your Space Storage for providing avenues for our donations to get from one place to the other safely as well as The Yamhill County Fairgrounds for providing a home for our donations.

We invite you to join MacHub's volunteer base to help serve our community and have fun while doing it! If you'd like to participate or learn more about MacHub's volunteer opportunities, please visit our website below or email us at for more information

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