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Get to Know Our Team! Cami Nyquist, Executive Director

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

When Cami Nyquist founded 22 years ago, she planned to run a global web-based business. She has succeeded; in fact, Swedemom was featured by eBay as one of their 25 sellers reflecting community values in 2020.

She also has found ways to enrich the community in which she grew up by adding a charitable arm, Swedemom Center of Giving, which was named 2020 Workforce Partner of the Year by the McMinnville Economic Development Partnership. She also helped found and grow MacHub.

“To be known by your community makes integrity all the more important,” she said. “Having the support of my community is tremendous, and I realize I couldn’t do any of this without that support.”

Entrepreneurial by nature, she has been an online marketplace platform developer since 1999, and integrating her business and her values has always been crucial.

“I try to live my brand: it’s about simplicity, compassion and caring,” she said. “Wherever I am, I will be encouraging people to come together and help each other out.”

Want to join Cami in making our community a better place? MacHub is always looking for dedicated and enthusiastic people to join our team. Please email us about your interest in local employment opportunities at

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